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    Projecting is the newest album from indie-rock duo Seasaw, released on April 21, 2023. The album was recorded by the Madison, WI band in their apartments throughout 2020 and was mixed by former Madisonian Beau Sorenson (Thao, Death Cab for Cutie).

    Writing, recording, and performing as a two-piece, Seasaw has moved through many iterations to arrive at their newest release. Starting out as a folk band obsessed with CocoRosie, they have now fully bloomed into the fuzzed out rock and roll stepchild of their former selves. Seasaw lives for metamorphosis and continues to get comfortable embracing the flux.

    Proudly admitting that they both cry at least once a day, you would never get that from the exuberant and playful songs Seasaw has released so far. Embracing that emotional catharsis seems to be the trick that allows Seasaw to thoroughly feel, cope with, and then eventually enjoy the fun that is to be had in this life, which is exactly what they show us on Projecting.

    Seasaw has performed alongside Chvrches, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, Shakey Graves, NNAMDÏ, Overcoats, Horsegirl, Lucius, Nada Surf, and many others.


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    Madison duo Seasaw makes upbeat rock using the buddy system

    After a five-year hiatus mostly due to COVID, Seasaw is back with a new album, “Projecting."

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    Madison-based indie duo Seasaw return with their fifth album

    It’s a chemistry that’s given them the confidence to become the band they want to be.

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    Celebrating a selection of March’s standout tracks from Madison musicians

    Not a lot of bands can achieve that type of longevity, but the duo—made up of Meg Golz and Eve Wilczewski—have seemingly tapped into something that not only connects, but sustains.

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    Madison-based indie rock duo Seasaw announces album release for April

    After almost 5 years without releasing an album, Seasaw's "Projecting," explores the prospect of finding joy through emotionally tumultuous times.

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    Seasaw Returns with Catchy Gem
    "Laugh Along"

    A catchy banger, the song hits the listener thick and fast, delivering Seasaw's witty lyricism with charm and flair.

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    ANCHR Artist of the Week: Seasaw

    My favorite thing about Seasaw is the passion and intention they have behind every single piece of music they put out and every single performance they give.

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    Quarantunes: Seasaw looks for light in the darkness on “Inventor”

    It’s much sadder than Seasaw’s usually breezy indie pop, but “Inventor” presents the constant bummer with a wink.

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    Indie pop sensations turn it up on new album

    "The umbrella of indie-pop is a large one, but Seasaw is clearly comfortable stretching out underneath it, going in the directions that move them. And in Madison, they’re among the best at what they do."

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    "God(zilla)" premieres on Earmilk

    "The track itself is upbeat and folksy, highlighting the very best that the falsetto harmonies of Golz and Wilczewski have to offer."

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    "Big Dogs" Music Video via The Grey Estates

    "The album's title track may start with the sound of seemingly enraged guitar, but the pair incorporate a lightness into their noise, with tender, curious vocals that serve as a voice of reason in a world overwrought with misogyny."

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    Seasaw's new video for "Knockout" brings a battle to life

    “The song is an arresting narrative of a person dealing with depression and the video that accompanies the song brings the reality of that fight to life.”

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    Indie-pop duo Seasaw blend rock and feminine power in album ‘Big Dogs

    From the glittery synth-pop track ‘No Way’ which is reminiscent of CHVRCHES to their addictive track ‘God(villa)’ which oozes rock and roll, ‘Big Dogs’ is full of unique moments throughout the record proving that the ladies can, in fact, play with the big dogs.

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    God(zilla) on Imperfect Fifth

    Everyone’s favorite indie pop duo Seasaw– expertly comprised of Meg Golz and Eve Wilczewski – is back with another new music video for the entrancing track “God(zilla)”.

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    It's Not Easy Being Green in Seasaw's "God(zilla)" Video

    "In the clip, Meg Golz and Eve Wilczewski play an athletic trainer and a Godzilla-esque lizard monster, respectively, stomping their way through Madison. And though the destruction is mostly cardboard, it’s still just metaphorical."

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    Seasaw is one of Tone Madison's musical wishes for 2018.

    "In all, Too Much Of A Good Thing was a solid record, and should provide an important foundation for Seasaw's in-the-works new album."

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    Seasaw's cover of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" featured in Alternative Press

    "They injected new life in Weezer’s classic track from The Blue Album with this cover."

    Live at Paste Magazine Studios in NYC

    Watch Seasaw perform at the Paste Studio in New York!

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    Daytrotter Session - March 2017

    Our newest Paste Music & Daytrotter session is live. Recorded in March 2017 at the start of our East Coast Tour in Daytotter's original Futureappletree studios.

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    Album Premiere on Impose Magazine

    'Too Much of a Good Thing' premiere and review thanks to Impose Magazine.